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What were you thinking?

Meet Kitty. Miss Kitty. Mademoiselle Kit-tay. She was hanging out in her backyard earlier this summer when I was visiting my brother. Kitty is his cat, and he is her person. They get each other. Kitty appears relaxed, but alert. Is that a thing? I think it's a cat thing. She rules her yard. The birds behave around her and the squirrels ask permission before they run up the trees and along the fence top. Just what was she thinking when the photo was taken? Do cats think? Or do they just do? Respond to the whatever in the moment? I can't be sure, but I know that Kitty has a favorite chair in the corner of the room where we all gathered to watch TV and chat. Maybe Kitty was saying "What are you

Heads up!

Hi there! Hope this note finds you well, happy, cool in hot weather and warm in the cold. My friend here, a giraffe at the Houston Zoo caught my eye. Is that a smile on her/his lips? I think so. For a giraffe to feed itself, it has to look up. Looking down, it won't find what it needs, the greenery it chews on for nourishment. My note for today is "heads up!" Look up and out and all around. Find that which you need to keep you growing and going. Talk to you soon ... I need to get back to the edits on my first book, due out later this year ...

Can you see it?

Can you see the dragon fly on the vine? I was walking down the sandy road that rings a field and leads to my house when I spotted him. Or her. He, or she, didn't say. I snagged a photo. The delicacy that is a dragonfly's wing amazes me. They are see-through. Just veins and membranes. A series of tissue held together by what? Some glue that can breathe? These wings are designed perfectly for flight. For lift, take off, quick and sudden turns, and landings. These wings are just what the dragonfly needs to do what a dragonfly does. Can you see it? Perfection is in those wings. On a side note, I haven't posted a blog in a while because I've been working on a book. My book of reflective essays i