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Catching flies on the front porch

Stapelia gigantea. Such a beauty! A plant with pizazz. And a smell. Some say the smell of rotting flesh. Since I've never smelled rotting flesh, thankfully, I cannot attest to such. I can attest to the fact that the flower doth stinketh. But it's not too bad if you don't put your nose so very close to the bloom! In fact, after breaking my nose twice, I've learned not to stick it where it doesn't belong!

This stinky flower attracts flies. It blooms in late summer, early fall around here, and proliferates nearly entirely on its own. I love a plant that is beautiful, blooms to attract flies and hardly needs my help to stay alive. She looks like a cactus, but she's not! The Zulu Giant, as she is also known, is another of the succulents. Loves humidity. Probably why it's thriving on my porch. Been a hot, humid summer here in South Carolina. The plant is also appropriately nicknamed the Star Fish Flower. I guess you can see the resemblance.

Now that I think about it, this plant's stem and its flower look like something they aren't. This plant bears a flower that sets a trap, and stinks. That's a lot like some people I know! Well, summer is winding down; fall is coming ... Hope you surround yourself with non-stinky people who are what they seem to be! Surely the next plant to herald the end of summer here will be the red spider lily. I'll keep you posted! What plant do you look forward to seeing this time of year where you are?


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