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Keep the old, add the new!

I'm the keeper of old things. Old typewriters. Bottles. Farm implements. My house is in some ways a museum of a slice of Americana. In the photo I am touching the typewriter used by Mickey Spillane. And as awesome as that was, I am enamored with technology, especially new technologies. I had a wireless telephone the minute one was available. A car phone, it was called, but it was capable of more! My Mazda was outfitted with a speaker so I could drive hands free. It was crude by Bluetooth standards of today, but it was top-of-line, cutting-edge. I saw the beauty in communicating while traveling, then and now. Even old-school fax machines are magic to me. I put a photo in here, and it comes

Homecomings ...

High schools, colleges, and universities have them. Where I'm from, churches have them. Usually in October. Sort of a harvest festival. Homecomings. Homecomings are those gatherings where people you know and remember, along with the ones you've forgotten and will get to know anew, get together to remember a time, a place, an organization -- that special something that was once shared. Perhaps you're returning home after a journey and the cat is there to jump off the table, which it was emphatically told not to jump onto, in its greeting of your return. Homecoming ... Get your copy of Gathering, Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane and read the essay “A Place to Be...” Its all about home.

Are you Merlee?

We are all someone to someone. By that, I mean we have people who influence us, mentor us, lead us, and, sometimes, keep us in check. I remember a man named Merlee. Mr. Merlee. If I try really hard, I might remember his last name. But we all called him Mr. Merlee. First name basis. With that fine dash of Southern respect. Mr. By remembering him, I realize how he impacted my younger self. So, the question is who am I influencing? I imagine there are folks watching me, some known to me and someone unknown to me. I wonder if I am their Mr. Merlee. We are all someone to someone. For an excerpt from Gathering, Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane, click here.