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Book signings and such ...

Oh my! So, publishing a book is a little like offering your soul up for examination … and so I have. Gathering, Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane, is out! You can buy it online from various links. I’ve done the research. Slip over and visit the "Books and Where to find them" page on this site. There are clickable links to take you to the site of your choice so you may make a purchase. A great big Thank You and Lots of Love to all who have already purchased their copies! You are truly great! Yes, another in the series of essays is due out, likely the first of next year. We’ll see. I’m not sure exactly what this means, if anything, but I found out that this Amazon page ranked Gathering No.

I’m about to publish my first book!

Gathering, Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane will become available on Sept. 17… AYEE! You will be able to buy it online through Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other sites. Searching my name or the book’s name will, if all goes well, bring up the book. Sept. 17. Fifteen days. I hope you’ll buy it, read it, enjoy it, tell others about it, and then buy another one to give to someone who will also read it, enjoy it, tell others about it, and buy one to give away to someone who will … you get the drift. Why should you bother to spend your money and time reading Gathering? You mean besides the fact that this terrific literary work will change your life? Okay, maybe it won’t drastically cha