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Tis the Season!

What do you have to give? What can you give up freely? It's the giving season. It begins with Thanks-giving and continues until ..., well, when does your giving season end? Dec. 25? (Or for you is this the getting season?) No matter. The next several weeks will slip right out of our hands like a drink in a sweaty glass. Oops. There it goes. In "Gathering , Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane," I talk about The Giving Season, and gifts we can give, and give up, for ourselves and others. I hope you'll read the entire essay for yourself in your copy of the book. I'm sure you have one for you and have copies purchased as gifts for friends. Happy Thanks-Giving!

Words, wonderful words!

"Look, mom, those clothes are in a confinement shop," my four-year-old said. My mom and I laughed. To be sure, the clothes were confined to the store, but the word my child was looking for was "consignment." Close. Maybe even correct to an extent. But, nevertheless, the wrong word. In my book "Gathering, Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane," I have among the collection of essays one entitled "Do we speak the same English?", where I offer a few other times my children made me stop and think through the words that had just entered time and space. Inside my head, the words make sense. Outside my head, once spoken, not so much. Double meanings abound. We have to be careful to make sure the

Boo to you!

Boo to you. Halloween may be over, but many of us still love the thrill of a good scare. Why is it that some of us like to scare others, even if we don't enjoy getting spooked? In the house I grew up in, with three brothers, someone always had to be aware. One of us, or a visiting friend, was always just out of sight around a corner. If there was not an actual attempt to frighten someone, or if one of us wasn’t planning to stomp at or jump at someone just to gain a reaction, the thought was well-planted in the back of all our psyches and we feared what could be. More often than not, nothing happened. But still the "Boo!" "Gotcha!" loomed ... followed by a scream or a grunt that hid a scream.