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Following the rules

Signs are posted everywhere to tell folks, and maybe seagulls, what to do. And what not to do. We make it clear. There are "No trespassing;" "Do not climb or stand on fence;" "No parking;" "Dead end;" "Yield;" "Stop;" and "Caution." There are "Authorized personnel only," and "Walk-ins welcome." Words and pictures communicate to us what the rules are, leaving us to ask "Does that really apply to me?"

Joyous, flawless summer

To date, my summer has been filled with good friends, terrific food, celebrations, grandchildren, reading, travel, and games. In a nutshell, it's been, umm, let me check my list of words to use instead of "very..." It's been flawless (i.e. very perfect). There have been sunflowers, sunshine and blue skies. Please understand that in my world, flawless doesn't really mean entirely without flaw or imperfection. And, therefore, I get to enjoy flawless, even flawlessly perfect, summers. I know that much of what makes us most anxious is for things to not go our way. Our expectations often get in our way of perfection. Things, days, weeks, events, plane trips, are not without flaws. Pets, people, f