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Joyous, flawless summer

To date, my summer has been filled with good friends, terrific food, celebrations, grandchildren, reading, travel, and games. In a nutshell, it's been, umm, let me check my list of words to use instead of "very..." It's been flawless (i.e. very perfect).

There have been sunflowers, sunshine and blue skies. Please understand that in my world, flawless doesn't really mean entirely without flaw or imperfection. And, therefore, I get to enjoy flawless, even flawlessly perfect, summers.

I know that much of what makes us most anxious is for things to not go our way. Our expectations often get in our way of perfection. Things, days, weeks, events, plane trips, are not without flaws. Pets, people, family members, houses, cars ... they all have their faults. Right now, I have four recalls on my "new" car. And this summer has also had its share of storm clouds on the horizon, with a couple of storms delivering some walloping thunder and fast and furious lightning.

Perfection is elusive; but its essence is in there somewhere. What is perfect changes; and I have to change my idea of perfection with those changes. For me, the good days have far outweighed the bad ones and the things that have gone wrong have been a part of the journey of attaining a flawless summer. Sure hope you can say the same about yours!

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