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Sipping from a saucer

It's a chilly, windy day. And it's been gray out for several days. Today, though, the sun is shining. Many around me are suffering from colds and the flu, Type A mostly. I think everyone needs a cup of something warm, an orange-lemon-tea drink I call Russian Tea is a favorite around here when we are ailing, or hoping to prevent it. Grab a cup of something warm to sip, gather under your favorite covers, and rest with a good read. Enjoy this excerpt of an essay from "Gathering: Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane." It's about a tall grandpa, his ambitious life, and his sipping from a saucer. My granddaddy Jim often drank his sweet, milky coffee from the saucer that his cup sat in. And that’s

Help beat back the 'hates'

We meet characters in our every-day lives and they become “the pages of our stories,” my publisher friend Kathy said. In my not too distant past, I met a superhero disguised as an elementary teacher. His “character” has stayed with me. I wrote about him for the local newspaper and I’ve incorporated a story about him in my book, “Gathering: Homespun Essays from Beech Tree Lane.” And, on this day of “love,” I want to talk about him, again – sort of. How far out of the norm am I, are you, willing to go to help someone have a better day? How do I, you, set up happiness for the next guy? Here we are in the week of love. Valentine's Day 2020. The question is how do I, you, beat back the "hates?" T