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The possibilities of emptiness

I enjoy seeing an empty rocking chair sway forward and backward. To and fro. Empty rocking chairs have a rhythm all their own.My head says it’s the wind. My heart says there’s someone visiting.I have a porch filled with rocking chairs, just ready for the visits of varied bottoms. Some days, that means just the bottoms of the feet, or their bug counterpart. These rocking chairs get visited by dragon flies, caterpillars, lizards, birds … you get the picture.

Some days, the chairs barely move at all. Unvisited. Some days, they are all shifting under an unseen weight. And yes, sometimes, there are people who visit and rock for a while.

I recently read a book in which an apple tree bloomed out of season, which means its apples were produced out of season.

The tree also threw its apples at folks, usually me, sometimes just to get a person’s attention, and sometimes because the tree didn’t like the person. Those familiar with the tree grew to understand its uniqueness and to stand just outside its range for tossing apples.

Fanciful? Magical? Absolutely. But what’s life without a little unexplained? A little “hmmm” factor?

I enjoy knowing I don’t know or understand everything. That gives me something to look forward to each day, the opportunity to learn, understand, experience something new.

Each year Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. After dying a gruesome death in front of the multitudes, he was buried in a cave.And on this first day of the week? Jesus was already gone from his tomb before the women came to attend to his body. His visitors were greeted by a big empty hole.

An empty tomb, like a vacated rocking chair, is filled with potential.

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