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Bright lights and reflections

Because it is winter and the days are shorter than they will be in July, I need more light in the house when the sun goes down.

It's not that I dislike the dark, it's just that often it's better to see your way around. I have strands of Christmas lights on shelves behind bottles and glassware so the light is refracted and reflected. My hope is that it will cause the light to splinter and scatter and cast even more light, all in an effort to brighten the corners where the lights are perched.

Recently I went on a "locked-in and then escape adventure," where my teammates and I were tasked with finding clues to puzzles, solving the puzzles and gaining our freedom. One teammate was constantly seeking more light. We each were given flashlights, well, more actually, we found them along the way. The room in which the adventure was set was purposely dim.

For this teammate, there was never enough light by which to see and be able to read inscriptions, or to put keys in tiny locks. The dimness bothered her tremendously. She vows to bring her own flashlight next time. She wants to control her illumination. I agree. Hang an extra chandelier, string lights around the cornices, and light candles. There can never be enough light! And, whenever necessary, be (or bring) the light you wish you had.

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