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Let the season begin

It's February and the yellow jasmine is blooming in South Carolina The robins have visited, the weather is atypical and plants are budding. It's been warm, and that's a little weird.

I have looked for ice and cold, as its still winter and usually we are at least chilled here. Not this year. We've had colder weather in the past in the state in February. But not this year. February here in Hannah has been spring-like. Windy, warm and not so very wet.

And so I came to the coast of S.C., where the world begins. I look out and see the waves, returning, leaving, returning. I see the birds playing in the surf, at the water's edge.

I see the scattered seashells. Warm weather and spring is nearly here. Ahhhh. This state is blessed. I am blessed.

We enter the season of Lent and I have a better appreciation and understanding of what this season is about. Sacrifice. Penitence. Discipline. Giving up the cold and dark of winter for the light and warmth of spring.

Blessed is He who gives us life. Blessed are we who receive it.

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