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Sunlight and old oaks

Only each late, late October and early, early November does the sun go down in just the right spot, at just the right time, to be seen at the edge of this road, over the field beyond.

I've looked for this site each fall and captured it by camera since about 1975 or so. In those days, I was on foot; hoping, no expecting, to catch the spectacular.

Maybe this is one reason my house is positioned next to the trees at the end of this dirt lane, so I have to pass this sight for a couple of weeks each year, catching a sundown between tree limbs with their moss.

What is spectacular to you? Do you get to make time for it?

I highly recommend you live a purposeful life. Determine what is important to you. Then expect it. Look for it. Work to catch it, or work to make it happen.

It can fill your soul with enough delight to carry you through more than three hundred days.

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