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Only two things to be done about Hurricane Florence

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Hurricane Florence is on the way, and I have a plan.

I live fifty miles inland in South Carolina, at the blue dot on the map. The cars have full tanks of gas, the camper is loaded with fuel and water, and the freezer is attached to the generator.

Eventually we will lose electricity (and lights and air conditioning!). The cupboards are stocked with water and easy to prepare hurricane food (bread, peanut butter, pork-n-beans, fruit and fresh vegetables). We can cook on the grill once the worst is over. In other words, we have planned ahead and are ready!

Some of my neighbors are more prepared than I am. To see the carts coming out of the grocery stores, you would think we could never go shopping again. But others deny the need to do anything.

The storm will pass us by, they say.

It won’t be as bad as predicted ...

It's the same thing every year and nothing happens ...

I am as prepared as I can be, and I am waiting for Hurricane Florence to arrive. I know she is coming. I don’t know the exact moment, or the precise location of her landfall, but I'll be waiting on her, and on whatever she brings me.

I am reminded of the Bible story of the ten virgins. The bridegroom was coming. The virgins didn’t know when or on what road, but he was coming. Some were prepared. Some were not.

I can see Jesus choosing to return in the middle of the worst storm ever. I can see him parting the clouds, shoving aside the eye of the hurricane, and riding down to greet us on His white horse. Just imagine!

What I know is this: I need to be as ready for His return as I am for Hurricane Florence. How much time have I spent preparing for the return of Jesus?

Is my house ready? Yours? My heart? Your heart ready?

For those of you in the storm’s path, and for those of you out in the weather making rescues and reassembling our utilities, be safe and thank you.

In the meantime, the two things we can do about Hurricane Florence are prepare, and wait.

Blessings and safety, Regina

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