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There is truly something spectacular about the dandelion. It can be found blooming in seemingly the worst of conditions.

This plant grows in sidewalk cracks, at the edge of train rails, alone in a field, in a cluster in spring, after the rains of winter. And to think! Dandelion greens are nutritious, their flowers are edible and their roots can be used in teas. They are highly undervalued and incredibly resilient. I think if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I may want to come back as a dandelion.

We may often discard the dandelion as a nuisance, but I believe they know their value. Considered an herb by botanists, their non-botanists friends consider them weeds. This lawn addition volunteers among the grass blades and goes from green leaves (Did I tell you they can be plucked and eaten?), to a sun-colored yellow flower, to a hoary-head atop a column, ready to dispense wisdom on the wind.

Dandelions germinate, take root, sprout, grow, change and replicate themselves. They keep coming back. Year after year. Some place, some time, some way, and that's just dandy with me...


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