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Down the lane a little

So, you're siting at home enjoying a sunny day. Right? No rain. Not too cold. Not too windy. Just right. Perfection even.

Well that's the kind of day it is here. Today. Slight breeze to keep the bugs from annoying me. Seventy degrees. Warmish. Today, right now.

You may not agree with my assessment of "perfect" weather. You may prefer a good snow day, 31 degrees. Great for skiing.

Perfect weather here may not mean you're having perfect weather, to your liking, where you are, when you're reading this. Fact, your sunny days likely come when its dreary, and windy and rainy here.

We humans adapt to the weather as it comes. It rains, we find a way to cover ourselves. It turns off cold, we sweater-up. It gets warmer and we find a fan. Hot? We figure out a way to run through a sprinkler.

Weathering storms is similar. We figure it out as we go. We walk down the lane a little at a time. Taking in what is right in front of us. Today. Now.


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