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March madness

Life is nothing if not dynamic, shifting, and bumpy. From birth to death. We change, the people around us change. Places change ... #wfh. Work from home. We grow, mature, age.

These past few weeks have changed the way we get together with our friends, coworkers and family members. We cast a long sideways glance at anyone who dares cough into the crook of their arm in our presence. We choke back our hugs in our greetings.

We are being challenged to be our best selves, to put others first. To choose inconvenience over convenience. To stay put when Spring begs us to wander. To hold back without disengaging.

We are all finding our new normals, again. We are finding our new rhythms. We sing new songs.

For those who aren't used to living a slower paced life, I hope you find what you need to keep you busy. For those who cannot enjoy boredom, I pray you discover what makes your heart sing.

Write. Read. Listen to music. Take walks. Ride your bike. Grab a stick and write in the sand. Look up to the clouds. Twirl. Skip. Hop. Now is the time to dance like no one's looking ...


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