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The wall

Sometimes we hit the wall. You know the feeling. Maybe it's after the 32nd time we've picked up after someone other than ourselves, in an hour. Or maybe we're at work and if we have to zoom to one more meeting ... We can't. Well we can. We just don't want to do what it takes to get over, under, around, or worse, through the wall.

Life can be tough on a sunny day, when the top is down on your little sports car and you get a flat tire. But it can be tougher when its grey outside and windy and raining and your rain jacket is in the car, which is also outside in the rain, and your umbrella has holes, and the chickens you rescued from a friend have to be fed whether you want to or not.

Walls. Here's a blessing for you.

May all your walls be thin, short and met head-on with friends.

Here's a link to my latest Book Bubble ... Hope you're enjoying reading some pleasant words ... Enjoy!

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Jim leach
May 01, 2020

I love the memories of hot dusty lanes and the smell of tobacco curing in barns and families working together


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