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To get this view you have to look up

Looking down may be necessary when we are walking to prevent us from falling over or stumbling. So there is a time for that, but, when the light is right, and the way is clear, it pays us all to pause, to look up.

Our recent two-and-a-half-month-long stay at home or go to work order in South Carolina has been difficult for many. Some cannot see an upside to living a more restrained lifestyle. It's hard to stay put when we're so used to going and going and going.

Contending with the others in our households 24-7 might make us a little wary of looking up. Curtailing activities we thought were necessary and important only to learn they are not that at all, but rather just habits can be a call for a redirecting. We can easily become downcast, downhearted and maybe even a little down and out. One thing is for sure. The more we look down, the more we see things on which to stumble.

The only way to see the view captured in this photo was to stop walking and to look up. A pause and redirection, for sure. But worth it.


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